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About Rasa Lama


Rasa Lama, a word of Malay origin, literally translates to 'old taste' or 'familiar taste' in English language.

At Rasa Lama, we pay homage to our roots by using a range of local ingredients and methods in our menu. We absolutely love and adore our food heritage. It is our belief that what comes out of our Rasa Lama's kitchen is a celebration of what it means to be Asian Malaysian in the modern world. 

Our story began in 2020 when we opened our doors just one month before the global pandemic hit. So much has happened and surviving as a new business during an unpredictable time has been tough. Now, as we manage to weather the storm, we remain committed in creating memorable culinary experiences for our customers. 

Image by Zahir Namane
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Our dishes are Asian-Fusion dishes that celebrate the flavours and textures of Malaysia. There are 3 elements which we believe makes it uniquely Rasa Lama.


First, we offer an enjoyable eating experience

In this day and age, we recognise that dine-in is a privilege. We work hard in delivering a memorable and safe dine-in experience.


Secondly, Rasa Lama dishes are authentic and unique

In tribute to our Asian-Malaysian roots, we strive for our dishes to reflect our heritage. Our flavours are distinctive and preserve the integrity of its ingredients while textures are familiar and comforting.


Finally, Rasa Lama uses only the freshest ingredients

Since the beginning, we've made dishes from ingredients that we would only use for our loved ones. We choose ingredients that meet a high level of quality, ensuring that they are free of preservatives. In short, what we curate is what we eat. 

From the Press


“ Wide range of palatable ‘makanan ala kampung’ from appetisers to desserts. Chef Ashraff, the person behind this menu, is ready to bring back your childhood nostalgia.”


“Apa yang pasti kemuncaknya ialah para pengunjung boleh merasai dan menikmati sendiri bunyian dan deruan BBQ yang dimasak secara langsung oleh chef.”


“Walaupun sebuah restoren, dekorasi dalamannya seperti suasana menikmati makanan di dalam hotel dengan hiasan menarik.”

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